Happy 2-Year Anniversary!

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What a magnificient honor to be able to say Happy Anniversary - together we made it to 2 years! You have given me endless joy (I can hardly even explain it properly) by being a part of what I do here at Revelle and you have truly put this redhead to work, wow! What a year!

My exceptional Clients, thank you all for ordering and living in my pieces and collaborating with me on ideas. Thank you for your heartfelt words about these clothes, thoughtful feedback and also for simply being here following along. I wouldn't have made it to 2 years in business had it not been for your support and for that I'd love to celebrate you all.

I'm so proud of the multitude of changes and improvements this company has gone through this year. The largest focus has been on extended sizing for all in every single product offered, and unique to Revelle - complimentary bespoke development service for any Pant, Trouser or Short for extended measurements.


In the pursuit of excellence, my goals for the 3rd year include developing custom & extended sizing even further, improving visual imagery with size and cultural diversity, campaign development on a subject near and dear to my heart and preparing a work space environment for a set of helping hands. In the meantime, would you like to hear some fun stats about this past year?

  • This year Revelle released 11 new designs, 6 of those are custom/made-to-order to individual measurements.

  • Revelle has 248 Clients, 60 who shop regularly - several as many as 20 orders!

  • All-time Best Sellers : Cropped Sweatshirt, Gentlewoman Pant, Studio Dress, Notch Duster, Gentlewoman Blouse, and Traudie Tank / Market Skirt are tied.


While this company is still a one-woman operation, the growth has been incredible and big changes are in store which I plan to manage within Revelle's exceptional standards and values. I hope to continue offering a product that is unique in design and practice, expanding diversity within our slow fashion community. This year has been truly about honing in on what it is that Revelle does best, refining and evolving the vision.

I'm so excited to welcome our 3rd year with a bold step, and I know equal joys and challenges await. Stay tuned for my pride and joy, the Fall Palette launch on August 9th!

For every idea that was tried, succeeded and fizzled, I feel good. For every garment that went to a new home, I feel good. For every time I get to see a Client wearing my pieces, I feel good. Together, we did what Revelle does best - created and lived in responsibly made clothing that we enjoyed with pleasure. In the city of my soul, for all that Revelle has done so far, I feel so good. Happy Anniversary.

Get your enjoys,

Lisa HarbottleComment