Palette : blue note

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hit a note
soft. subtle. eternally cool
autumn breeze + winter light
flash of a feeling
refinement in effort
repose in texture
lustrous. smooth. nubby. woolly
moves in a direction of elegance
willful participation in style
soft. subtle. eternally cool
blue note

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Shawl Tweed 7.jpg
Flannel Blouse + Studio Skirt 2.jpg
Black Sweatshirt 1.jpg

In an effort to produce timeless signature designs in limited-edition seasonal fabrics, we are proud to introduce our newest palette :blue note. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing inspiration & information galore about these Fall fabrics & new design releases.

We'd like to extend an immense thank you to our visual dream team - Susie Delaney, our photographer (@susieq) - thank you for making our simple vision absolutely spectacular. Your eye behind the lens captured an incomparable beauty in these photos. McCall Cadenas, our model & muse (@mccallcadenas) - thank you for your spirit, unparalleled professionalism & joy of being. The life you gave these clothes was a delight to witness. Amy Prado, our makeup artist (@amyprad0) - thank you for your energy & incredible expertise. The looks you produced are wonderfully fresh, relatable and beautifully timeless.

A few particulars - our intention in releasing palette : blue note this early is to allow time for production. Our goal, in the anticipation of certain popularities & difficulties of creation, is for orders to arrive at your door come Fall. The lead time has been extended on the site to accommodate, thank you for your understanding!

New Fabrics :
Navy Tweed - Cashmere Wool + Linen
Sienna Cashmere Wool
Charcoal Mohair Wool
Ivory Wool Flannel
Ivory + Tan Raw Silk
Black + Indigo + Sand Wool/Rayon Sweatshirt Knit

New Shapes :
Society Suit
Society Blouse
Studio Tunic
Studio Skirt
Gentlewoman Skirt
Night + Day Tank (formerly the Traudie Tank)
Market Dress
Dress Scarf

We invite you to discover new + signature shapes for all sizes in extraordinary cold weather fabrics.

Happy Shopping!

Gentlewoman Skirt Raw Silk 1.jpg
Studio Tunic 1.jpg
Black Dress Scarf 1.jpg
Studio Dress Tweed 6.jpg
Market Rust 1.JPG
Tweed Pant 1.jpg
Blouse Cypress 1.jpg
Campbell Coat Charcoal 1.jpg
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