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What does Revelle offer? Simply put, Revelle is a company that makes clothing for women. Often, I find it is difficult to answer simply because what Revelle does is far more complex than just making clothing for women. The truly involved answer is that it’s individual and personal, it’s custom and made-to-order, it’s made by myself for you from the finest materials possible. Most importantly - it’s for all the different shapes and sizes of women in our world.

When I began making clothing long ago, it was because I too am a size and shape you cannot buy off the rack. Every pant, trouser and even jeans in my closet have undergone heavy alterations to fit properly. My size doesn’t exist in “fashion” and I knew I couldn’t be the only one. Mastering pants for women was my calling card long ago and while I still have much to learn, I’ve been working on this title via word-of-mouth with private clients for over a decade. Offering this service to a broader audience has been in development for a year and it all started with a short note in an email on the day I met Nora.

Starting slowly with the release of the brand in 2017, I originally offered standard sizing of XS-2X as well as a bespoke option. I realized quickly that no woman is a standard size in pants and quickly eliminated the standard sizing to focus solely on only bespoke sizing options for pants. The finest form of mindful, careful consumption is to purchase clothing made-to-order for you, in your exact measurements.

Fit testing had begun on measurement sizing up to a 45” hip, which is my personal hip measurement. Extending measurement options above a 45” hip was the focus  - but how would the program work? How would I be able to approve the fit remotely on a 50” hip? A 60” hip? There is so much more involved than just plugging numbers in on an order form – individual extended sizing requires greater personal communication and what developed in working with Nora was a process that became pure joy.   

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“You have changed the way I think about clothes and how clothes can and should fit me. Truly.” – Nora.

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A labor of love is something that takes time, it requires patience, effort and in this case, a little science. Nora and I worked together to develop her perfect Gentlewoman Pant pattern across the country remotely. 3 total muslin samples were made, 1 at a time with email and photo communication in between to discuss the fit. It took a few months and I remember eagerly awaiting her emails when I knew her next sample had been delivered. While I can’t speak for Nora, I believe that we both learned a lot during this process - about measurements, shape, and how a garment should truly fit a body.

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“When are pants more than just pants? When @revellecollection makes you THREE sample muslin pairs to get the fit right before magicking the most beautiful wool into the kind of 1940’s tailoring that no brand makes in your size. @revellecollection makes fashion dreams come true. And it matters.” - Nora

I’ll never forget the day we nailed it. I had a smile from ear to ear when I opened up that email, bouncing around with excitement, throwing my pencil across the room for extra drama. The next day I went to the studio like a kid on Christmas morning to cut her final pair of Gentlewoman Pants in the tamarind wool fabric she had ordered. Extended size options are often treated like the redheaded stepchild in fashion, but not for me. These sizes are as equally my priority and I am very proud to make it happen.  

“There’s something powerful about clothes made just for you. I think part of it is feeling like your body has been deemed worthy. When I first reached out to Lisa at @revellecollection about whether her beautiful, precise patterns would work on my body’s dimensions, her immediate reaction was excitement. She assured me that, of course, my body was suited for her pants. And then she made it so, by suiting her pants to my body. Every time I zip these pants up, I smile. That’s how clothes should feel.” – Nora.

I am very proud to offer this process for extended sizing officially on all pant/trouser/short listings, and it is at no cost to you other than returning the samples to our Studio in the mail. If it is your 1st order with Revelle, and you are an extended “custom” size, muslin sample(s) will be developed to perfect your pattern prior to fulfilling your actual order. This service is to ensure your garments fit your body perfectly!  
Is this a lot of work on my end? Yes. It’s a tremendous amount of work on my part and it’s an honor to do it. Does it cost me extra to be able to offer this service? Yes absolutely it does. Why am I doing this? Aside from extended sizing simply being the right thing to do, this is the part of my work that fulfills me. What happens when a person wears an item made for them that fits their measurements perfectly is magic. For me, being able to make that happen is the joy of my life. Let’s change the world together, one pair of pants at a time. Shall we?

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