Revelle Holds Court

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A while back I had pitched an idea on Instagram, to include as many women who wanted to join in this campaign, to celebrate my official first year of business. I wanted to show that the boys aren't the only ones who get to do the cool stuff. I wanted to show that boys weren't the only ones who get to wear the cool stuff. I wanted to show that you could be wearing incredible clothing from beautiful fabrics - fitted, loose and perfectly tailored for all sorts of activities that require more movement than just standing or sitting. We did just that - we played tennis, baseball, basketball. We ran, we sat, we laughed, we played and I will never forget that day. 25 women said yes that they wanted to be there from across the world, 15 were able to be there. 

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When women show up for one another, it is such an incredible and beautiful thing. I am beyond honored and thrilled from the bottom of my heart that these women showed up for me, for Revelle. So, without further ado - let's play some ball because Revelle Holds Court!

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Playful, dynamic, versatility & regnant were all words I used behind the scenes to describe what I wanted to communicate with Revelle Holds Court. Turns out that is just what happened when putting these women in front of the camera. 

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