My greatest inspiration.

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My greatest inspiration. Near or far, it has always been the women in my life. My clients - who I am lucky to know many by name, my friends and the women I have yet to learn about. Starting a fashion brand wasn't about putting pretty clothes on models I don't know. It was about putting beautiful clothes on women I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by, and to join in the moments of their life. If they are feeling vulnerable, I wanted to help them feel comfortable with these clothes. If they are feeling comfortable, I wanted them to feel powerful with these clothes. These are real women with real bodies of all shapes and sizes and they are all wearing the same garment. There was nothing but smiles and laughter in these clothes that day. That is my magic trick, my power.

I have said it before and I will say it until the end of my days - when women are truly comfortable, it does something to their eyes. Do you recognize what I am talking about? It is what I look for with every garment of Revelle tried on. If by chance I am not near, I look for that in the comments, notes and emails you send me - thank you so much for sharing. That is my absolute purpose behind doing what I do. 

Lisa HarbottleComment