2018, a year in review.

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The year of the pants.

Thankfully I haven’t had much time to sit down and analyze this year, it’s been much too busy for that. I knew it had been amazing due to the sheer fact that every single day, weekends included, I have happily put my head down to work from sun up to sun down. Data though is an amazing thing. I had a chance to work on a mountain of paperwork this week and compile some numbers, 2018 without a doubt has been the year of the pants.

There are several hundred women in this world living in a pair of pants that I made with my two hands. Each pair was made custom to their individual measurements - I’ve made pants for women with a 34” hip, women with a 60” hip, women with a 31” waist, women with a 55” waist. I have made pants for every size and shape for those who have wanted a pair. Patterning, cutting, sewing to packaging - it’s from my hands to your world. Often with “branding” you evaluate whether your business offers something different that what is already out there and I can say with absolute certainty that nobody is doing this - what Revelle does, what I do. The part that makes me giggle is that it is the only way I know how to do fashion - for the individual. So I say this not to sound elitist but I say this because this is who I am. I am here to celebrate and clothe all women. In fact, an incredible several hundred this year alone.

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Start with why.

It is often hard for me to put into words what is my “why” and that’s because it is more emotion than words. It’s a feeling that has many layers.

Taking time to reflect on my “why” I always go back to what I know in my core. A scene from my beloved ‘59 named after the one and only Bunny Yeager. She is so dear to my heart not just for the work she produced but for the emotion behind it. In a male dominated field during her heyday, her importance is immeasurable. What her work visually represents is quite racy but the emotion she was able to draw from her subjects is exactly my “why”. She had this way about her - making other women feel truly comfortable about themselves, to be at ease and often sharing that comfort. This is something I understand and I can only ever hope to achieve the same. You’ve heard me say this before and I’ll repeat it until the end of my days - when women feel truly comfortable, it does something to their eyes.

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Thank you.

Thank you for your incredible support this year, your orders, your thoughts, your words. I know we are all looking forward to taking some time to spend with our loved ones but in that silly, sentimental way I am looking forward to working on a few orders next week because you are also my loved ones. It’s an honor to make your clothing.

I’ve got some big plans, great new pieces and programs to unveil next year. I’m feeling overjoyed with a mostly solidified plan after this year, not so lost anymore like I was in the beginning. I have so much to still learn and hope to continue to bring you impeccable quality, comfort and beauty - I hope you all love it like I do. Cheers to absolutely everything beautiful that happened this year and thank you again for letting me do what I love.

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