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Hello Summer.

Ah, summertime. I am here writing to you from my blooming backyard, embracing the changing of the season with open arms. Summer was never a season I fully understood when living in San Francisco as like Mr. Twain said "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." This understanding of summer has completely changed with living in Los Angeles enjoying all of the wonderful moments spent outside during the past few years.

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To me summertime means spending a lazy afternoon with friends outside, evening walks when the sun is starting to set, breakfasts under the orange tree, slow rides in the old car on warm nights, and my favorite - picnics (or Picnic Club as my friends and I jokingly call it). Summer weather demands clothing that is light and easy to wear. It begs of brighter colors as I like to think, and of course the most important factor to consider for summer activities? Comfort. I can't possibly have you off on a picnic with a bottle of rosé bubbles in a garment that you can't sit in comfortably. You do have a bottle of rosé bubbles, yes?

A note on color - you all know I love color and there are some incredible colors within this palette. So often I hear many brands saying that they just want to wear colors from nature and work exclusively with neutrals. While I equally love and agree with that, I present a rainbow of colors that are also found in nature, particularly nature during summer. I've chosen the colors that look incredible against any skin tone. Within this palette you'll find classics like black and bright white but you will also find the most subtle shades of lavender and banana, a punch of tomato red and two timeless gingham patterns. On of our most popular pieces so far, and some of my best work yet, has been the Market Jumpsuit in Gingham Cotton Twill. Have you ordered yours? See below for the complete list of included items in this palette.

With all of that being said, there have been some adaptations to our best selling pieces that I can't wait for you to see. A few design detail changes based on what is necessary for a particular fabric and necessary for a particular activity. Some of these changes include pleating instead of gathering, A-line shapes, deeper pockets or added pockets (!), and optional sash belts for those who need the option or not.

May I introduce to you: Picnette
Join me on Instagram as I begin releasing my newest campaign featuring two of my loveliest, long-time friends. Let's meet for a picnic, shall we?

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