Revel - to enjoy with pleasure.


Revel - to enjoy with pleasure. 

When trying to decide on a name for this company a year ago l tried all the creative brainstorming suggestions. My favorite was one where you take a pencil to paper and write every word down in your mind without looking, and then wait until the next day to see what you wrote. I knew l loved the word revel because of what it meant but it felt too...something... for this company. 

Later that week l was on a call catching up and discussing my new venture with my longtime friend @jenniferhodapp. She is the yin to my yang business-wise and in a genius moment suggested Revelle. When writing it down my eyes just lit up. 

After that call l took a look at that brainstorming list l made the other day and there it was - Revelle. I remember staring at it, maybe my heart was pounding a bit, maybe l had a dumb grin on my face, but all l could think was...pow! #getyourenjoys

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