The Introduction.

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Define your brand, define your woman. Words that are within most conversations l have when discussing the business. You can’t just make clothing nowadays without branding otherwise your “women” will never find you in this overly saturated market. To me, a definition often means confinement yet clothing and women are constantly evolving. In this journey to define what l know and transform into words, l can relate to Martin Margiela when he stated “lt’s for a tiny group of women, and not everyone will like it. It’s important to do what you want and there will always be some people who agree.” Accompanying his statement with a recent newsletter, Penny Martin of @the_gentlewoman stated “when planning each new edition of The Gentlewoman, the team and l have a fantasy dinner party guest list in mind - there’s the opinionated one, the glamorous one, the eccentric, the fabulous dancer, the raconteur - a mix of intelligent, stylish and friendly gentlewomen is key.” I could not agree more, when defining the introduction of my “women.”

Lisa HarbottleComment