Palette : first emotions

lilac. tangerine. sage.

heather. buttercream. chestnut.

"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most." - John Ruskin, 1851

Perhaps you've seen a particularly stylish woman walk past you. What about someone's style or outfit catches your eye the most? Often and easily it's the pairing of shapes, especially when they are flattering to their figure. Secondly is often the pairing of clothing to the accessories. The most important component to having an innate sense of style frequently comes last and is our decided favorite.

While it is effortless to look stylish when wearing all black, or wearing the absence of color with strictly neutrals, often what catches our eye the most for a person with incredible style is not only their choice for fabric pairings but more importantly: color pairings.  

Our eye for color pairings in our first emotions palette features fresh color-ways in our signature cropped sweatshirts and capsule suggestion pairings. As always at Revelle, a color or shape is season-less if it is a color or shape that works perfectly with you.