Palette : aquarelles

nutmeg. heather. blush. lavender. merlot.
salmon. sage. chestnut.

What is fashion to you? A visual art? A tactile art? Emotional art? Perhaps for you, fashion is not an art at all? Fashion for me is all of the above: visual, tactile, emotional. Fashion is art, and the art of dressing is the finest display of expression.
I find that being a visual artist who is emotionally invested in my work, I often like to explain where my ideas and inspiration originate. I often like to explain meanings of shapes, colors, fabrics. I often like to explain how I hope for you to live in these pieces.

This time, I'd like to show rather than tell. I'd like to introduce our aquarelles palette to you, inviting you to take a look. For this palette I'm leaving the words to your imagination for the name, the color pairings and the meaning alongside some beautiful artistic imagery from a favorite artist: Lourdes Sanchez. Follow along on our Instagram.

What I love most about curating palettes is that fabrics pair themselves together for me long before I find the visual color inspiration for them. When I do find the visuals it always affirms my instincts. Enjoy.