Drawn by hand.

28 Swatches 8.JPG

What is important to you in the practice of sustainability? For us, sustainability is not just about the fabrics and who created them. It is not just about who sewed the garment but also who cut the garment. We believe it is also using true craftswomen and men who have skills that are long forgotten. They are essentially a dying breed such as pattern makers who draft by hand instead of on a computer. When I think about something being sustainable it always relates back to time. Paying for someone's time they have put into something is one of our greatest pleasures in supporting sustainability. A pattern for example might take 20 minutes total to create and grade for sizes on a computer, but to be created by hand can take anywhere from 2-12 hours or more. The pattern always, always will fit a woman's figure better than a computer made pattern. It's an art that we support in our process of creating responsible garments. We are proud to create work for an artist with skills that are essentially becoming by extinct. Revelle is drawn by hand.