Get your enjoys

Revelle is an extension of our bespoke approach to fashion and a love for living life with all its enjoyable moments. These thoughtful clothing pieces have been designed to accent the woman you are, to fit you properly by being cut to your selections and responsibly crafted from exceptional sustainable materials. We believe effortless style allows you to delight in your life’s travels, dinners, glasses of champagne, chasing after kids, days spent at work and relaxing at home. The feeling you have when wearing these pieces is our worth beyond beauty. We want you to enjoy.


“revel” – verb. To enjoy with pleasure. 


Lisa Nicole Harbottle founded Revelle in 2017 with a technical fashion degree and a professional history in the industry as a designer, creative director, production manager, retail manager, pattern maker, and seamstress. Revelle has evolved over a decade of creating a private, bespoke clothing clientele alongside an original lingerie company Lola Devlin, established in 2009. Essential to Lisa's business practices are core values refined in her method of an exclusive made-to-order ethical process, custom for individual women from the finest sustainable materials. 

Her intention with this company is to create a community of like-minded women who carry a similar sense of purpose in the clothing they wear, the life they live, and their footprint on our beautiful earth. Drawing from her greatest inspiration – the women in her life - starting a fashion brand wasn’t just about putting pretty clothes on pretty models. It was about responsibly creating beautiful clothing from sustainable materials for the women she is fortunate to be surrounded by, and to join in the moments of their lives. A great emotional opportunity exists during this personal made-to-order process with each garment constructed. When feeling vulnerable, clothing can make you feel comfortable. When feeling comfortable, clothing can make you feel powerful. When clothing is truly made for an individual woman, it creates a feeling that is undeniable and a value that can never be compromised. A statement often repeated by Lisa: “When women are truly comfortable, it does something to their eyes. It is what I look for with every garment of Revelle tried on or in the comments and notes my clients send. That is my absolute purpose behind doing what I do. I want women to feel amazing about themselves in the impeccable product I make for them.”


We invite you to join Revelle in doing what we do best. Creating, wearing and living in responsibly made clothing to enjoy with pleasure.