Winter Scarf

Winter Scarf

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Introducing our newest winter scarf! The large scarf is the perfect size to add warmth and a spot of color without feeling too overwhelming. The bandana is a great little cozy accent. Each scarf is made from a gorgeous weight wool with a hand that is soft and luxurious, featuring a delicate fringed edge.

Style Options :

  • 18” x 18” Bandana

  • 20'“ x 76” Scarf

Fabric Options :


  • Sand Cashmere Wool - 100% Wool, hand wash.

  • Tomato Silk Wool - 90% Wool, 10% Silk, hand wash.

  • Ivory Flannel Wool - 100% Wool, hand wash.

  • Walnut Worsted Wool - 100% Wool, hand wash.

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Fabric & Size:
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